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Sunday, August 2, 2009

blog action

dearest blog,
being in another land is supposed to make you more creative, but really it just makes you realize how absurd and ridiculous your original culture was in the first place.
uploading photos is long and hard because the facebook java applet doesnt work, so i have to go 5 at a time. but here we go, the view from my desk at the office.

yes those are mountains
this is the view from my house, through the window of the air conditioned room. yes that is my car, and yes, those are are mountains.

what else? i did laundry the other day, very exciting.
there is a track and field meeting tomorrow, and then my welcome party, at which i am encouraged to get very drunk. then the next two days involve me going to elementary schools to make grandious self introductions, the only kind in japan.
yesterday i went to the book store looking for 1Q84, Haruki Murakami's new novel, which hasnt been translated into english yet. but that bastard, he released it as two seperate volumes, what a money making scheme! so i didnt buy it.
i just played some ping pong with the girls ping pong club, and i need to practice. its almost lunch time and i am getting hungry, i made a sandwich and brought some carrots and an apple.
the other day we went to see the boys soccer team play in tokushima city. in japan, they shake hands with the other team BEFORE the game starts. and they also bow to the crowds and each other. the team lost, but it was good to get away and see this place a little.
sunday was very boring, as i had no internet in my house, and since i am totally alone, being that i have no friends here. so it was just me, the tv, the yoimuri giants and the joshin tigers were playing baseball. the tigers won, whcih was good because they were the hoe team. and we all know, its root, root root for the home team, if they don't win its a shame.
i cannot think of anything else to blog about! send me some cds. thanks

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