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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the first blog of the rest of my life

today i am being confronted full force by the incredible boredom of a day at my desk with nothing to do. i was almost just reduced to reading mcsweeny's, awful. i forgot to take a zyrtec again, so i will be making strange nose-noises all day. if anyone has a great website or tool for passing time, slowly and carefully at the workplace, let me know. if you dont know already, i can be reached at solipsismwow@gmail.com , an address so sleek and awesome that i refuse to think about changing it, ever.
they said the internet at my house will be on tomorrow. i should sacrifice something tonight, like a rotten banana, or a battery overflowing with crumbly battery acid, to the internet gods, because maybe the odor will rise up to heaven and please them. i just heard from my principle that someone - maybe the principle (!) - of nishiikawa elementary school is coming here to pick me up at 1 PM. good, because i was afraid i was going to get interrupted right in the middle of my noon curry-ramen-and-apple-break.
i'm drinking water instead of green tea, because i don't know how to make green tea here, and so i don't get super-buzzed on caffeine without anything to do.
bobby valentine and the chiba lotte marines lost to the softbank hawks (yes, they are named after a corporation and not a place, and this happens a lot) last night, in the 9th inning, and it was very sad, because benny agbayani got walked on a full count as the winning run, and i hadn't seen a japanese pitcher walk anyone until then. the baseball coach said that softbank was his favorite team, so i guess he knew what he was talking about. even tough they are called the hawks, they all had a little white dog head on their arm patches.
i guess today being august 6th is a good day to say something about nuclear warfare, japan-american relations, violence in general, and my current positiong, being that on this day in 1945 'little boy' turned hiroshima into a smoldering radioactive wasteland, and that 61% of americans in the most recent poll still say that this was a legitimate action for the US to undertake. i didnt have any relatives that fought in any of the battles of the second world war. but during the orientation in tokyo, i couldnt help but imagining the alternative scenario where i was welcoming a japanese transplant whos job it was to teach japanese to american elementary school students fr the government, in the hypothetical scenario that things played out differently. all of the talk about binationalism and internationalizion just had me thinking about the manhattan project is the real reason why i'm here, that its oppenheimer and einstein who really got this job for me. which is all well and good, until i see that all of the formality and niceness is maybe just a product of deep, underlying national guilt and resentment.
well. now i have to go to the bank to fix the order of my name, which is a bit of an issue here, since japanese people usually put the family name first, and we usually dont, as americans, but the application for my alien registration was backwards, so i need to go. and i need to bring my bank book, and my little personla name stamp thing called and 'inkan' which i am told represents my identity, and only reads to my as an archaic, feudal style means of honorary bizarresness.
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