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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tales From The Dreaded Hour

Blog, we meet again.
i write to you from within the dreaded hour of unstructured time that i am contractually obligated to fulfill, without any concrete work-related tasks to fill it with. i just got back from Iuchi Elementary school, which is through a tunnel to the north and way up at the foot of some of the steepest, greenest mountains of all time. I have to get some pictures of these places so you can have a reference. the classes there are going to be small, with around 9 kids per class, and only 3 classes. i have to prepare some self introductions for different aged kids. all of this starts in while, so i have time.
today i learned that american armadillos almost always give birth to four identical quintuplets. this has nothing to do with japan and is just interesting and astounding. check out the wikipedia article, i cleaned it up a bit.
dinner tonight is one of two instant ramen cups that i bought, probably the curry one, and some watermelon, and a little fiber drink. then i get to start packing for the trip to tokushima city. i am not sure if i will bring this computer or not. i am excited to get out of this environment for a while and meet some new people and start to actually teach and use english. i have to wake up at 6 AM tomorrow to catch a 7:04 train. The train ride one way to the city costs only 1410 yen, fairly cheap considering its about the same the distance from nyc to fishkill.
if you want to watch a short documentary about japanese education, and maybe get in touch with your emotional side, check out "children full of life". all five parts are on youtube, which start here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=armP8TfS9Is . i'd like to know what's going on in new york, america, if you get the chance, drop me a line at solipsismwow @ gmail . com.
have a good week!

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