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Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Is Not A Food Blog

no speech practice today, so my only job is to sit here and look busy. i even brought two books to work today, one on english education in japan and another called zizek on lenin. i have been way too into zizek lately, especially since now is a time when a lot of his supporters are questioning his sanity and running away from his thought. in other words, he is too popular for his own good, which is especially dangerous since so few peopel are willing to accept the real implications of what he thinks.
karate tonight, before i go i will pick up a gigantic bottle of sugary 'pocari sweat', which i prefer over 'aquarius'. here is my dinner from last night:

and let me just say that this picture makes me happier than just about anything else in japan. what you see here is called okonomiyaki, which is, since you don't have to look it up, a pancake of eggy dough and squid, scallions, and i think there was shrimp and octopus in this one, topped with ponzu sauce, mayonaise, shredded seaweed, and the critial ingredient, fish flakes which move around on their own when exposed to heat. the drink on the right is a tiny fiber drink that costs a dollar, i got hooked on them on a tip from another jet in tokyo. the okonomiyaki pictured was purchased, frozen, in a supermarket, for around 5 dollars, and heated up in the microwave. this is one of my favorite foods in japan, because the flavor and consistency is impossible to replicate. it may not look like enough food, but with 4 oreos after it was okay.
behind the food is my acer aspire one, which i type on right now. had my first moment of wanting to rip the monitor off the body of the piece yesterday, because my top 3 most visited websites were all refusing to load as a result of a virus i had acquired. i uninstalled the mcaffee suite that came with the computer and installed comodo, spy bot search and destroy, and pc tools spyware doctor, each of which found its own virus to take care of. so now my websites work and i am relieved. the only real problem is that i am running on a mere gig of RAM, and to instally more would involve literally tearing the computer open and voiding my warranty, something i am not comfortable doing alone in japan. so i will learn to deal with a gig.
i just got two little cucumbers from ms miyauchi, the nicest lady in the office. i will sear them with the remains of my last carrot, just one potato and just one onion, and maybe try west meats east world war three with chicken this time. it cant hurt. just needs a lot of salt.
i want to have a party this weekend, and i just officially made it saturday night. let's see what happens.
i just got a cup of coffee in my little mug, the one with a bunch of cartoon cows on it.

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