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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

interesting information about japan is in this blog

do you know what this is?

of course you don't, because you are probably from america. this symbol represents everything that is wrong, and everything that is right with japan in a single image. i will tell you what it means, and then i will explain. this symbol is found in the form of a sticker on the rear and front of all cars driven by people who are age 70 or older. in america, i often wished for this kind of symbol, as applying it was more less strict than my original wish, that older drivers simply have their licenses taken away (via an 'expiration date', like on milk). but in japan, something like 25% of the population is over 65, and its currently the oldest country in the world, and also the fastest shrinking country. the birthrate is totally negative, since women are more reluctant to settle down and instead have been going after careers. the necessity of this symbol shows how the japanese try to address a major problem with what would otherwise be a totally common-sense solution. and then comes the alternative, the new driver sticker:

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