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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Less Boring Post

hi blog,
so i went to karate last night, and i got to fight, and it was fun. i was paired up with the grandpa of the group for most of the drills.
i tried west meats east round two last night, using pork instead of beef. it wasn't as good, maybe because i didn't use an fruit juice this time, and i used too much canola oil. but the leftovers for breakfast were great.
today i don't have anything to do after work. i might try to eat a frozen okonomiyaki (japanese pizza-resembling item, look it up) for dinner, which i had to buy just to try it out. im wearing a shirt that my dad sent me in a package, which also had a little pasta soup mix in it. so i might have that too.
the new york times website is still not behaving properly. i tried to go to the la times website, but then i saw that it lists, in order of importance, "california, L.A., entertainment, and world news" the first three of which are totally meaningless. i guess google news is what i will use until those fools fix their website. the washington post makes it its business to print only stories that look totally fabricated and irrelevant, so i can't take anything they put up seriously.
the japanese general elections are in 10 days, which is exciting. i am an employee of the government so it would be a conflict of interest for me to advocate for any candidate, but a lady wearing pink was campaigning on my street yesterdat with her loud speaker-car and entourage, and i gave her an OK sign from inside my car, so that was kind of cool.

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  1. what time zone are you posting in, i can't figure it out