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Monday, August 10, 2009

frugality in action

i am proud of myself for walking into lawson plus (the plus signifies one expensive piece of fruit of each variety, in a plastic wrapper), an all-too-convenient 24-7 convenience store, and only buying the small carton of milk i need to eat my "mild choco" flavor cereal tomorrow morning and the day after. yes, i did go for the lawson brand 139 yen version instead of the other brand 140 yen version, and yes i did pay with exact change. i did spend a good 8 minutes just walking around and looking at the variety of items, snacks, confections, and different products that lawson plus has to offer. i will stock up on foodstuffs when i return from tokushima city on saturday. if i dont post tomorrow, dont expect any blog action on this side of the internet until then.

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