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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my first second post in a single day

what's really good, blog?
my ipod almost just died, i cursed steve jobbs' new liver and it came back to life. who says ancient pagan rituals don't work?
so i am back at the office after showing the cable-tv/internet/phone serve man my telephone. how was i supposed to know that i have to hit the pound button before making a call? how was i supposed to know that the telephone in my house cant make or receive calls to or from cell phones? now they say i will have internet on friday. i will believe this when i see it.
looks like i just received a bag full of onions and potatoes from last night's party. now i just need to get some lean game from the nice butcher lady down the street and i am set for a stir fry. it took some attempts and some frustration, but i figured out how to work the gas/electric burners. and we just had a nice little conversation about vegetables. i have been bringing my lunch from home, which is good because it is cheaper, and everyone is always very surprised and happy about this. but i have to take care to make sure this does not become a food blog.
a few details about the house, since they have been requested:
-the house is made out of wood. it is a wooden house.
-the toilet has 2 flush settings, 'large' and 'small'. you can guess what these correspond to, but the small setting has basically no use. the toilet is connected to a tiny little sink that runs whenever you flush, but i heard you dont want to brush your teeth with this water, its just for hand washing. the toilet and the mini sink are in their own room, separated from. the proper sink and shower by the kitchen.
-the tv and air conditioner are in a tatami room, which means it has a nice japanese style floor that you sit on. there is a little floor-chair that goes up against the wall which can be quite comfortable. i might want to rearrange this room a bit, but that will happen later.
-the shower is a pretty wide little room that you stand in, and the water temperature is set so you just have to turn the water on and wait 4 seconds. this is convenient for ppl like me who like the water to be at a very specific temperature (not too hot, not too cold).
-there are 2 tatami rooms upstairs, one is the bedroom and the other has no use other than for drying clothes in, as there is no dryer (but there is a washing machine). there are a ton of extra futons in all of the closets, so i might wind up sleeping in the air conditioned room if it gets incredibly hot, which it already is. there is a fan in the upstairs bedroom, with a remote control, but it looks like it just sprays dust everywhere.
-i shave every day. the little electric shaver i bought is extremely useful and convenient.
-there was a lot of stuff that i packed for no reason. i am generally awful at packing i have realized. for example, waist size 30 khakis that i can never wear? why did i bring those? where did i get them? could i have ever tried them on? single blue and orange flip flop, is your counterpart still in new york? are you lonely, do you feel separation anxiety?
any other questions about anything? just ask me, i have so much free time. so much in fact, that passing time at work is going to be difficult. my predecessor said he one time went to the wikipedia entry on *the universe* and just worked his way down. hm: "The Universe comprises everything that physically exists: the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that govern them." good to know.
my work hours are officially 8 am to 3:50 pm , and there is not very much for me to do these days besides help the one english speech contest contestant with her work. i am a public servant, and my paycheck comes from the wallets of japanese taxpayers. next week is english camp in the capital of the prefecture, and the awa-odori festival, which is the second-largest dance festival in the world (after carnival, which doesn't really count, because its lame and silly).
so, blog, why don't you chew on this with your brain until my next post?
It is uncertain whether the size of the Universe is finite or infinite." wuh-oh! this is why science will always lose and philosophy will always win, i think.

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