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Monday, August 3, 2009

blog of the day

okay, i heard from the main source that my internet will be ready in the house in what at first sounded like a quick week...and then turned into a late, slow week. i guess i should stop obsessively checking every ten minutes if it's on or not.
looks like saturday there is a tour of tokushima city happening, its about a 1.5 hour train ride away. hopefully someone will let e crash on their empty futon.
today's track and field meeting has been delayed one or two hours because of yesterday's rain. i didn't bring a lunch so i hope there is some place with tasty snacks nearby. seeing as how this is japan, that shouldn't be too unlikely.
you want me to post a picture of last week's soccer match? fine, this is the best one i managed to take

tomorrow i go to the elementary school closest to my house to introduce myself, in english and then in japanese. yeserday i got led around by the nicest woman from the government office to be introduced to various people who live in my nieghborhood. there are a lot of very little food shops within walking distance from my house, something i should keep in mind next time before i'm about to go to the supermarket.
there was horseracing on channel 2 last night instead of baseball, which was disheartening. i just paid 3,000 yen for my own barbeque/welcome party. this is no big deal, since i'm supposed to receive something like 300,000 yen on he 13th.
okay, blog, some parting words. send me some CDs. my address is below. also some nice colored t-shirts in my size. japan is very much at once and classes haven't even started yet.
today's blogging completed

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