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Monday, August 31, 2009


sorry, blog.
it's been a few days, i know. i forgot to take my camera with me on my travels these last couple of days, so i dont have pictures of the karate party, or of the family of monkeys that i saw when i took a walk up the mountain road. you can use your imagination. just imagine lots of meat and vegetables on a 2 grid pattern grills over hot coals, lots of kids and people sitting and talking about gender issues and drinking beer and pouring eachother glasses. and then imagine rustling treetops, populated by large grayish brown monkeys with red faces that lept down and ran across the road in front of me and crossed the river.
you should be glad you don't get to see the curry porkchops i made last night, because i didn't use enough water at all in the curry mix, so it came out all dry and sticky. i have two porkchops left over, and basically half of last night's meal too. i got some more cash and i filled up my inherited red toyota with gas.
today i gave my formal self introduction to the main middle school where i work. real classes dont actually start here for like two or three more weeks, so i will be going to elementary schools, 3 per week, until then. there is some meeting i have to go to tomorrow on the other side of town that nobody told me about.
i got to grade some workbooks today, which means skim the pages to make sure the work is there, write an encouraging comment with my name and the date and then maybe apply a "hello kitty" stamp.
as of now i can only see myself doing this for the contractual one year that i signed up for. i heard that the nyc public school system has a lot of openings.
if you haven't heard, the democrats were swept into power here in what can only be called a landslide victory. in two weeks they will organize a government, and hopefully start to change things around here.
in japan, it is a customary ritual for students and teachers to clean the entire school together for about an hour each day. it is a good idea and a lot of fun.
i hope there are some baseball games on tv tonight.

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