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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Loosely Japan Related Criticism of the New York Times Website

here is what i find impossible to understand. when i go to the GLOBAL edition of the new york times website, the picture story is about climbing yosemite, which last time i checked, which admittedly was never, was in the united states of america. maybe it moved, maybe i have just been misinformed. but when i go to check the U.S. edition, the picture story is about how japanese mediums who believe they can communicate with the dead are dying off, and thier crazy belief system is going with them.
so, to recap:
international news - climbing a mountain that is in the unites states
national news - old japanese psychics who live in volcanoes are dying
can anybody explain this to me? preferably the one person who runs the new york times website? i mean, i can understand if, say, yosemite is considered its own country maybe because its an (inter)national park, and japan is considered one of the 51st states that america acquired after world war 2, but seriously, this is ridiculous and stupid. and pointless, too, epecially when the only other difference between these two "editions" is the random shuffling of headlines from top to bottom.

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