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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello From Japan

what's up, blog?
in case you didn't know, this is what's really up. it's going down this sunday, and it's going to be wonderful. it gives me something to care about politically during this period in which the american democrats are finding it impossible, with (super) majorities in both houses of congress and an incredibly popular president, to pass health care reform legislation. so that is frustrating for me, but this makes me happy. it also makes me happy that this story is the headline on the nytimes website's global edition, which is the first time since i have been here that this function of the website has behaved properly.
yesterday i had a day off, and i basically watched movies and did food shopping, which was nice. if you are my dad, you will be able to appreciate this miraculous find i made in the sunshine grocery store, which has the best selection of the stores i have visited so far:

do you recognize that cartoon monkey? yes, these are "little coco's choco krispies". nothing else in that photo matters at all.
i watched district 9 two nights ago and ponyo (on a cliff by the sea, the new miyazaki movie) last night, and the two had so much in common, content-wise, that i am sure i will be able to work inglorious basterds into a three-part movie review, my favorite kind to write. remember how children of men, babel, and pan's labyrinth were all made by mexican directors in cahoots to represent the future, present, and past (respectively) and have similar themes? well i doubt tarantino, miyazaki and neill blomkamp were in similar cahoots, but i am going to analyze their movies as if they were.
so i was watching some episodes of "cooking with (a) dog", the host of the youtube i posted a few posts ago, and i remembered that i know how to make tonkatsu, fried pork chop. i just have to buy all the stuff next time i go out. i thought it was interesting that they fry the cutlet in a pot instead of a pan. i should also try the curry aspect.
so today i am doing some english speech training at noon, which means i get to eat my lunch before then. school starts next week...self introductions and games. karate tonight, i have all my stuff now. later, blog.

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