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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Most Boring Post Yet

what's really good, blog?
im just sitting at the office, blogging while an office meeting which i find almost impossible to understand takes place around me. i know it has something to do with the schedule for sports day, which is four sundays from now. i have a decent shopping list written out, but you never know what you are going to buy until you go shopping. and today i will be breaking the golden rule of food shopping: never go hungry - because i have karate class at 8:10 and i want to go shopping right after work. i am going to try to replicate the "west meets east" potato/meat/onions meal tonight, we will see if the nice little local meat store is open.
as i said, karate tonight. hopefully i will be able to hand over $200 for a ton of equipment, so i can fight. i am looking forward to this.
my dreams have been getting slightly better. i realized i need to make a conscious effort on this, which only makes a little sense.
today all of the students came to school for tests, so there was a box lunch i had already paid for that was provided for me. the ham sandwich, crackers and carrots that i made for myself are going to sit in the fridge here until tomorrow.
yesterday i hung out with some jets in the next town over. we went to a nice cafe restaurant and everyone was very pleased. i got some packages from my parents with specific requested items, so that was nice.
so i have to sit here for another hour and 40 minutes. i have exhausted all work-safe activities. i am going to have to teach, or rather, expose elementary school kids to english in the coming weeks. so far here is my list of informal games that i remember from my childhood that i think might work:
Simon Says
Duck Duck Goose
if you can think of any others, please let me know about them. there are volumes of activities here on my deck, but i am not too thrilled about any of them.
i heard it' really hot in new york. i lucked out then, i left right after those gigantic rain storms, and now i am in japan, with a much more moderate climate and air conditioning at home and at work.

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