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Friday, July 31, 2009

do you like my blogging style?

im very sorry that my last post got cut short. long, arduous story short, i got it all - cell phone, driving ability, etc. i just have to go to the supermarket later t get some real food.
if you dont know already, i'm in ikawa ward, miyoshi city, tokushima prefecture, on the island of shikoku in japan. this town runs along the yoshino river through a mountainous valley, and it's very beuatiful. today i am going with some other teachers to watch the junior high school's soccer team play a tournament game in another city. i don't have internet at home yet, but its in the process of being set up. this is why i have only be able to blog from the office. don't worry, i have photographs on the way, it just takes a while to get them uploaded and posted through facebook.
i like living in japan more and more every day. the small, routine things are my focus right now - i did laundry for the first time today, and monday is garbage day.
for my free time at home, mostly i have been watching baseball in my air conditioned tatami room, which is wonderful. at night there are japanese games, and during the AM they patch in american games, but with japanese announcers. japanese baseball is more zany and exciting, i wouldnt say sloppy, but there are ore blooper-type hits into the shallow outfield and more interesting plays. the differences are interesting too - in japan, the pitch count is strikes and then balls, but they use the american count for the american games. i still haven't seen a japanese baseball tie yet - thats when a game is called a tie in the 12th inning because the trains stop running early and people need to get home.
if the soccer team wins tomorrow, there is another game tomorrow. today was the first time i drove my inherited little red car in japan - on the left side of the road i might add! i will get used to it. they really want me to stay for three years, but i can only take it one day at a time.
this is a good time for my to post my cell phone number: 08063823556
here is my address:

Tsuji 300-1
Tokushima-Ken, Miyoshi-Shi, Ikawa-Cho
Japan 779-4801

the car has a 6 cd changer but my new netbook has no cd drive, so please send me lots of mixes.
thanks! email me with any questions or anything you want to talk about...i am going to have a lot of downtime...

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  1. ラッセル先生
    It sounds like you are doing well and getting things done quite smoothly.
    Take it easy and have lots fun!