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Sunday, January 31, 2010

it's been a week

hi blog! burning a mix of all covers right now.
i have not been keeping up with you. the truth is not much has been going on here. weeks have been passing by one by one. i have been watching the sopranos, keeping busy with a playstation 3 i bought and modern warfare 2 that a friend lent me. i took an hour drive each way to mcdonalds today to try the big america texas burger, which was amazing and worth every minute of the trip. i am going to try to replicate it in the kitchen one day this week, after i get back into the curry game. something in my mind told me that the big america texas burger was monstrous and should not exist, but it was very satisfying and ideal. i could feel the years falling off my life with each bite (originally typed as "bight") and now i can feel certain arteries slightly more hardened than they were before. but it was all in good fun.
january is just about over, or it will be in a few hours, which means i am beyond the half way point of my contractually year long stay in japan as an english teacher. i am thrilled about this, and i was even more exited to circle the option and sign the document that stated that i will not be recontracting for another year. everyone else here, in this part of shikoku, the foreign english teachers who i have come to know, are all sticking around, and i cannot imagine how.
lots of the time i feel more and more like japan is a country with absolutely no future. their population is hitting a horizontal asymptote, and since they don't allow massive foreign immigration, their population, and that means their workforce, will begin to shrink gradually every year. and they should be learning chinese, not english, becuase they already know half of the chinese characters from their use as kanji in japanese, and china is so much closer and more inevitable, rather than face the extreme shame of having poorly pronounced, poorly thought out english to embarrass themselves with. but i am being a little bit harsh. really i am just excited to come home soon! i have a life outside the educational system to start.
recently watched 3 movies: moon, antichrist and the hurt locker. i want to write a 3 part movie review like i did before but i dont think this blog is the right place for it, so expect to find a link to my livejournal or something one day soon. it looks like 11 pm has snuck up on me yet again, and i have to go to bed now so i can get up at 7 for work tomorrow.

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  1. chinese people are no longer allowed to post comments to my blog because they are terrible