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Monday, January 11, 2010

there is more you should know

hello blog,
i still have to post the rest of the pictures from when liz came over. i figure this is a good time to do so, because it is the first tuesday of the third semester of school, and there are just tests today, and i don't have to do anything at all today. here we go!

when we last left our blog, we were on top of osaka castle. here is another view. you can see the courtyard where we ate takoyaki and drank milk tea afterwards.

we took these pictures on the way out. liz is excited to see a very old cannon.

and here we are standing on the main platform. my skills at taking a picture of two people with one hand have improved, i think.

but sometimes, you just need to ask two japanese people to take a picture for you, so you can see the castle in the background.

that night we walked around town, and we saw glico man. i love him, even though he is just an advertisement for the company that makes pocky. we went to a cozy little yakitori place, and then we went to a tapas place, and it was a lot of fun.

also, this happened.

do you think she wants to eat tapas?

she looks more like she wants to go inside in this picture.

okay liz, fine. we will eat tapas.

then we saw this cool bike. it was awesome.

this is from inside a shopping arcade, long outdoor malls where rich people go all of the time.

i do not remember the occasion for this photo but it's pretty nice.

me chilling with some creepy mannequins.

this picture is from the middle of the longest shopping arcade in japan, in northeast osaka. we walked the entire thing, and it didn't seem that long. \

this picture is from a weird section of osaka that a guy led us to when we told him we wanted to eat shabu shabu. that big thing on the left is a fugu, pufferfish. you might think its poisonous but thats just the liver, every shop serves it here. supposedly that needle thing is a symbol of post ww-2 osaka building.

this was on a pachinko place. every day, even out where i live, pachinko places are full of people. they are the loudest possibly places in the world. it is said that if you are not japanese and you try to go inside, you will instantly get a headache. This space overflows with the dream, hope, stimulation, and the excitement. Dramatic development waits for you. Please be released from everyday life and enjoy yourself free. May the fortune goddess smile at you!

this is the statue of liberty, in americamura, or america town, which was near our hotel in osaka. this is not the original statue of liberty, which is in america, in new jersey. it just looks like that.

remember that ferris wheel on top of that 8 story shopping center building? well once we found it again, we went on it. liz is afraid of heigts, so she shows anxiety in this picture. i love this picture.

here is the view of osaka from the ferris wheel. i do not think it is a very beautiful city, it is not uniform and goes on forever and has no sense of cohesion. but liz likes it.

see? she is holding in her fear of heights and suppressing it with her admiration of the osaka skyline for this picture.

yes, we are very high up.
i am going to post this one right now because it already has a lot of pictures. i have to stay at work afterschool to help grade english tests. no english conversation group today at night, that's next week, which is also the once per month recycling day. i just drank a cup of coffee so this next post should be no sweat at all. okay, see you on the other side.

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