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Saturday, February 6, 2010

overt attept at an upbeat post

what's really good, blog?
oh you know i'm just eating some curry i made. usual curry action. onion, garlic, carrot, peas, meat, potatos, rice, etc. you know the deal. this bowl of curry is basically as perfect as a bowl of curry can get. i think i may be getting a cold, so i am popping vitamin c pills and trying to stay hydrated. since there is a karate tournament or something next month, sensei added an extra practice on saturdays were the adults and elementary school kids practice together and you can wear regular workout clothes and sean paul or soulja boy tell 'em is playing. my left leg kind of hurts because i forgot how to kick with it properly. oh, i cleaned up the house today, which was much needed, since i had not done so in like 2 months. tomorrow i am going to perform my regimented chore of doing laundry, and then shopping for food during the 30 minutes that the clothes take to dry at the laundromat. been trying to download some new music, which reminds me that now is a pretty good time to listen to some of it. today was pretty risky meal-wise. i woke up at found no frozen curry here, because i purposely didn't buy any so that i would have to leave my house on the weekend. that was a bad idea! i couldn't go out because i stayed in to listen to liz's sarah lawrence radio show which was wonderful. i ate two slices of pizza toast, and then i felt like driving up the hill across the river to get some curry udon. i guess i didn't realize that this would be my second curry style dish of the day but i dont think of it like that, i think noodles vs. rice. anyway after that i had some takoyaki from the guy around the corner and that was pretty good, but karate practice wsa at 7 which is a weird time, so i couldn't eat before. thus, curry right now. mostly i have been spending my time in front of the computer or the tv playing videogames, so i developed a little eye twitch action last week that is almost gone by now. this means i need to find other better things to do. i guess that is my main challenge for next week. i honestly cannot think of much more to type. i am extremely tired. sleeping until noon is absolutely in order tomorrow.

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