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Monday, January 4, 2010

guess what! i will tell you things!

oh blog,
it has been so long. too long in fact. i dropped liz off at takamatsu airport a few hours ago, which makes me alone for the first time in three weeks. now i am going to type a short list of everything i can fondly remember doing over this long vacation. pictures are going to come later, and there are a few.
we slept til noon, went to the instant ramen museum, went on a ferris wheel on top of an 8 story building, went to osaka castle museum, went to my karate dojo's year end party and the after-party, watched dewey cox, wet hot american summer, an examined life, the king of kong, the sorpranos and the wire, watched lots of japanese tv including nanikore aka "what is this rare thing?", very young childrens' first experience shopping alone, and don't laugh or you will get hit on the butt as you pretend to work in a funny hotel game show. we ate takoyaki, ramen, tonkatsu, udon, gyoza, sushi, shabu shabu, nabe, curry, okonomiyaki, mcdonalds, subway, kfc, starbucks, pizza, squid, and snails, went to the osaka aquarium where they have 2 whale sharks and the second biggest tank of water in the entire world, walked around a lot, went to tokushima city on new years day when nobody was there, played a lot of new super mario brothers for the ds, played chess, badminton, ping pong (at gyoza stadium), drew pictures, and liz gave me an awesome haircut.
but now i have work tomorrow, which is why i have to go to bed like right now. i feel okay because this means that this year i am spending in japan is about half over. it is 2010 now, two thousand ten, a new decade, and i might be an adult or something. that is kind of exciting. more teaching english tomorrow. i have to study japanese at a triple pace because the test is due on the 20th and i have barely opened the book. i already miss my girlfriend, it was so much fun to have her here but it is going to be even better when i am back in america.

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