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Monday, January 18, 2010

it is cold outside

dearest blog,
i am taking my second JET program japanese advanced-level japanese test. you need to get at least a 70% on all but 1 of the 6 tests that they give you and you get a certificate of completion. i got a 68% on the last one, so if i miss this one by another single question, it's pointless to keep trying, but i might anyway. i did not study these past weeks really at all because i was busy hanging out with liz, and these lessons are very poorly designed and make hardly any sense at all.
back at work now on a regular schedule. last night was badminton, and i won a single game after losing three, which always feels better than winning one and then losing three. today i have english conversation group with half a dozen little old japanese ladies who like to chatter in japanese to eachother most of the time, so i have to think of something interesting or concrete to talk about or do. tomorrow i have karate class after maybe a month of not going. various things got in the way. liz was here, then my friend robbie invited me to his birthday party, then it snowed (and when it snows, nobody goes to karate as an informal rule, because the driving is dangerous and nobody wants to be there as the only person), then i had the end of semester part with my coworkers which was fun, then i got sick last friday which was miserable. it was a 24 hour stomach bug, which i learned is actually an infection of the small instestine. i am just about 100% back to full normal strength again, after lots of water and a banana-based diet. my guts still need to remember what it means to work properly again.
it's been cold, and i have been lonely since liz left, so i bought a playstation 3 to entertain me after work. it is not as big an investment as i thought it would be. i guess this just means i have to buy an hd tv so i can actually watch blu-ray movies when i get home. i have 3 games right now, a fighting game, a shooting game, and another action game is in the mail. i used to play lots of videogames, so getting back into it takes some getting used to.
well i just learned that i have to go help teach an english class in five minutes. it should be my only one today. i am a third of the way through this test, i should be able to finish it and mail it in after work, a day earlier than the postmark due date. forgot today was recycling day.

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