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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

finally, some pictures for you

dear blog,
i think the best place to start photoblogging my 3 weeks with liz is at the beginning. i got facebook to accept more than 5 photos at a time, so this is going to be more interesting. let's go!

i am really sorry about this one. the day we went to the momofuku ando instant ramen museum, i forgot my camera. they probably have a website where you can see the wall of all of the different nissin brands of ramen displayed over history on a timeline. it's great and it was veru fun and interesting, and it made me appreciate instant noodles much more. these two things here are our 300 yen custom made instant ramen souveniers, which are packaged in little inflated bags that we carried around everywhere. as you see, we got to design the cups, and liz's has nice colors on it, while mine just has a big red skull. you got to pick your soup flavor and 4 little dried topping ingredients. we ate these towards the end of the 3 weeks, and they were delicious.

this is me at the bowling alley across the street from our hotel. i got a strike!

this is liz bowling. she got a strike too! just not in this picture.

this is liz looking...pensive? apprehensive? calm? in the far background, you can see osaka castle. it is going to get bigger as we get closer.

yeah, more longing, passionate in this one. she really wants to see the castle, go inside the museum and learn about history.

me wearing a cool shirt that liz got me for christmas, and the castle is a small shape on top of the hill in the light. it's hard to see. i look like i don't care about history.

that is much better. this is osaka castle. don't worry, this isn't hundreds of years old or anything, it was destroyed by war and fire a few times and rebuilt.

me again. i care slightly more about history in this one. it was a really nice day.

liz at the top of osaka castle! we went to the top. it was scary, but you could see the entire city.

both of us, at the top. the lighting is not great on this one, but you get the idea.

a little battle diorama in the museum? just be glad you didn't live in the osaka area in the sixteenth century, because you probably got your head cut off by a warlord.

i love this one. liz and some japanese little kids who only wear harsh pastels. they were not afraid of heights at all. photos weren't allowed in half of the museum, but you aren't missing much. i bet the wikipedia article on osaka castle is much more interesting and easy to understand.

and here is the view from he west side of the castle. osaka looks ugly to me, not very uniform and kind of all over the place. you can see the hep 5 building's ferris wheel in the middle, it's on top of an 8 story shopping center and we went on it! okay, enough photos for this post. let me get some more up and i will keep posting them.
all i have to do today is play ping pong with the girl's club. my forehand needs a lot of help. class doesn't officially begin until friday. this is one positive aspect of being a teacher - the school year is only part of the regular year. there was a former student who ran in a marathon this morning right by the school, so we stood outside in the cold and cheered. it was cool to see all the police escorts. going to do laundry and use the coin dryers at the laundromat today, which i didn't use until liz got here, when i realized that they get your clothes very dry. it's going to be great!

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