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Ikawa-cho Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima-ken, Japan
I was recently accepted by the JET program as an assistant English teacher in Japan for one year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

on the last day i have to work before my 3 week vacation with my girlfriend, who gets here tomorrow, i not only have to teach three classes back to back to back in the morning, but in the afternoon there is an "evacuation drill" that takes up two hours. also my right tail light is out. i guess putting a rubber band around my wrist is going to help me remember to take care of that. however i did get paid today, and it was garbage day. you probably want to hear more about japan and japanese things? listen, i have to stamp some english notebooks with today's date. all of the english teachers agree that there is something very wrong with english education in japan. it is going to take them a while to come around and make it better. basically i think you need to use a language for something daily, and mostly "everyday life" becomes the required use of a langauge, but when you are learning it just so you can use it in class and pass a test, you really dont need to understand it at all.

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