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Sunday, September 6, 2009


sup blog,
so i have been hanging out in japan. i taught my first couple elementary school classes last week. today i have to go to the third and last of my elementary schools; this one is up in the mountains and has a very small number of students, so i only have to go in the afternoons. second through fifth graders are lively and extroverted, very excited to see me and happy and loud and everything. but something happens when you enter sixth grade that i can understand. it probably has to do with the realization that school is basically evil nonsense and you dont belong there. well sixth graders are stone cold, serious, quiet, and just awkward.
i took a couple of pictures at the school near my house.

here is a view of the central playground from the inside of the school. as you can see there is a koi pond, and three empty flag poles. every school has one of these big empty dirt fields. i like the mountain in the background. the school, the classrooms and the office and everything, are behind me in this photo.

this next one is a picture of the crickets that are kept in a plastic box in the office at the same school. in the middle of the day these dozens of crickets will just be chirping away, making a loud racket. its kind of hard to believe, which is why i took the photo. you can almost clearly see one big cricket positioned on a slice of eggplant.
i think that's it. i finished the last of my pork chops yesterday, and now i only have the cheap ramen to eat. i remembered i have a lot of good stuff in the freezer to eat.
i get paid in a week. there is a 5 day weekend coming up, the week of the 20th i have monday to wednesday off. i think i'm supposed to take the thursday and friday off and turn it into a big taveling trip. whatever i do is going to be expensive, and i'm just thinking of hotels. unless i go to a city and sleep in an internet cafe, which people actually do all of the time.

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