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Thursday, September 24, 2009

two posts in one day, and one is a picture post? you must be in blog-heaven

blog shangri-la, welcome to the blog-afterlife,
this should make everyone laugh. it's mayuko and i, after the won the regional english speech contest. you see she is holding her certificate of "excellent performance", and her large sized trophy. i look goofy, because i am a goofball. there is a better picture here, on my desk, where i am sitting up straight, my hands are on my lap where they are supposed to be, and mayuko is flashing a peace sign with her trophy holding hand. it is much nicer photo, but it is not in digital form, so you will have to use your imagination, as always.

here is a picture of a giant spider i saw on one of my walks behind my house up around the mountain. these things are everywhere, and they are scary looking. this one was quite large, with a total legspan coming out to a 2.5 inch diameter. there are a lot of different colorful, exotic spiders around here. scary.

next are two pictures of the small stream that goes around the mountain near my house, it eventually empties out into the yoshino river. there was a guy fishing around here, but i didn't snap a cool pic of him.

this is the view from a small bridge that crosses over the river.

let me know what else you want me to take pictures of. i don't have any plans this weekend at all, so maybe you want me to go to the city and take pictures of something? that would give me an excuse to go to the city and do something. let me know, i can be reached day and night at solipsismwow at gmail dot com. i don't have any more class to teach today, just more speech practice with mayuko. bye

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