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Monday, September 28, 2009

more pictures

hi blog,
here are some more pictures that i took of tokushima city last weekend.

this is what the city looks like when you get out of the train station. there are palm trees, and on the right is sogo department store, which is extremely large. i think the foreign food store might be in there, but when i looked for it i could not find it. i am determined to find it again. it is called Jupiter.

here are some kids waiting to cross the street on bikes. notice the blue and yellow raised walkway in the distance; some streets are too busy to cross on foot, so the only way to get to the other side is via these things. also, there is a mountain.

there are images of dancers everywhere in tokushima, since the awa odori is the only thing everyone can agree is awesome all of the time. these are sculptures of a woman and a boy dancing on mail boxes.

there are some dragonball figurines in the front window of this store.

all decent restaurants know to display plastic renditions of their most popular dishes in the winsow. i had the "mixed fry set" for lunch, which is in the middle on the right. it was delicious.

this is a sculpture in a park. they are not dancing. if anyone knows what is going on here, i would love to know.

a boat goes by on the river.

this is a cool looking eatery front.

keep walking and you will see the cable car airway to the top of the mountain. i took the ride, $10 for both ways. here is what i saw.

getting up there...

pretty high now. the mountain casts a shadow.

just check out the view from the top of mount tsurugi.

not bad.

look at the bridge in the distance.

how about the other side of the mountain? no city.

i would not advise driving on this bridge.

there is a pagoda on the top of the mountain.

there is also a little shrine.

you want to walk down/up the mountain? be my guest.

what's that on the small white building at the center of the photograph?

is that...?

could it be...?

nothing to worry about, he is in a good mood.

and then i had dinner at a kaiten sushi, where you pick your 100-300 yen plate off a little track and get endless green tea. they even had an english menu, which was impressive. i have to go back here, since it is my favorite thing to eat, ever.
that's it!
i helped edit some of the older kids' english sentences today. they have a written exam coming up and its very important that they follow the rules and not get anything wrong. they must write 15 word minimum answers. everyone was pretty nice to me today. it looks like it is going to rain a lot very soon. i am going to make curry for dinner tonight. did you like the pictures? did i miss anything? email me for questions and comments. thanks.

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