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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

last post

i could have made my point in that last post much more eloquently, but i was pressed for time, because i had to go win a speech contest. the point is, that these three events are examples of how in america today, the issue central to the health care debate, to the hatred of the president, to every social matter around is race, and that this issue of race only now not only plays out on the screen, virtually, but in a manner, featuring players, who are themselves virtual. what i was trying to say is that these examples have something in common with the rodney king situation from years ago, because they were broadcast and people who didnt even know rodney king suddenly cared. but these examples are the opposite of rodney king, and in this way are not legitimate 'events' like rodney king was, because of even the possibility that they could have been staged. whereas there was no possible way that rodney king could have been staged, for any reason, and as a result the broadcast of the event caused widespread panic and fear and actual political upheaval in the form of violent riots. since the obama/wilson, williams/whatever, and kanye/taylor situations could have been fabricated, this shows how even the real issue of race relations in america not only is forced to be played out on a virtual stage, but that it is moreover forced to be carried out by virtual, stand-in, artificial dummies.
the clouds are going away, the band is playing a march at my elementary school, i get the entire next week off. i brought a bag of multicolored mets hats to teach about colors, and hats. i drove to the city the other day just to see what the ride was like. i ate at mcdonalds, breaking my 'no mcdonalds in japan' promise that i made to myself, the entire time with mr. james' goofy grinning face staring up at me from an ad on the table. i got to the city and walked around a uniqlo clothing store for ten minutes before turning around and coming back home.

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