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Sunday, September 27, 2009

picture posts before lunch

hi blog,
i got a request for some pictures of peoples' houses. here are some houses that i saw on the way to the city from the train.

old school traditional, with an ugly wall.

i kind of hope that this is one house and not two, but who knows. notice the slanty roof.

another slanty roof, this time with car and drying laundry. little balcony, modern, austere. somewhat nice, i would imagine.

if you live in tokushima city, maybe this is your house. i really like this one.
okay, there are most picture posts coming up. i have to go to lunch soon, though. today's lunch is a greasy little salad, a bowl of rice, and a big piece of hamburger meat. with milk, of course. after you drink the milk, you have to tear open the container in a special way, along the seam, and unfold the bottom perfectly, and rinse it all out. its very difficult to do properly but i am learning.

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