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Thursday, July 30, 2009

first post

what's really good, blog?
this is my first real day at work, on the japanese people's dollar. so far i have done one very worthwhile task - i helped a young girl improve her pronunciation for the upcoming english speech contest. we revised the speech twice and i think she has a good chance of winning. everyone in the office is very nice and very pleased with my moderate japanese ability.
i don't have my alien registration card yet, which means that i can't get a cell phone or a bank account, and that it would be unwise for me to drive. hopefully i will be able to get it tomorrow so i can start really living life. i found the tv channel that plays baseball games, japanese and american. my house is great, but it takes some getting used to.
please share this blog with anyone you think i may have forgotten to email, and please send me lots of emails to keep me in touch with what's going on in america. for example, i think i heard today that microsoft bought yahoo!? let me know what's up.
i think there is a soccer game that im going to this weekend, the students are playing and if they win there is another game on sunday. tuesday there is a track and field meeting, and after that there is a welcome party for me where everyone is supposed to get drunk and show that special side of themselves. wednesday i get to introduce myself in the early morning at the elementary school down he block, and thursday im supposed to go to another eleentary school. the week after that, english camp starts in tokushima city, the capital of the prefecture, on the coast, on august 12th and lasts 4 days. september the 8th i start my english discussion group at the community center. september 12 is the speech contest at the school here, and the 13th is sports day. the 16th is the actual context, and if the girl i train wins, the regional contest she advances to will be on october 4th.
i bought a chicken karaage (fried chicken pieces) with rice bento for lunch, with a shiso pepsi and 2 "ring donuts" (is there another kind of donuts?). the pepsi is light green and tasted good, even though i dont know what shiso is supposed to taste like, and i was too full to eat the donuts, which i guess i will save for later. hopefully one of my english teachers will take me to the supermarket after work so i can get some real food.
i'm taking my first major break from readng the late, great david foster wallace's "history of infinity" which its unfair to call because he called it the history of the sideways 8 for a reason.
alright blog, i think that's it. if you want to chat, it looks like everything is blocked for me except facebook, for now. if you want to know what time it is here, add an hour and change the PM or AM or vice versa. this office is bustling with japanese speech and formality. have a good one

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