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Thursday, July 30, 2009

first post as a registered alien

dear blogosphere,
it's me, russell. today i had my first major run-in with japanese bureaucracy. there is nothing especially more bureaucratic about japanese bureaucracy, other than the fact that it is navigated with formal japanese. i think bureaucracy is a feature of the world, which means that technically, it only exists as long as we agree that the world does. that will be the most abstract this post gets.
last night i walked across the bridge to a lawson plus, the plus indicating that not only is it a 24 hour convenience store with all manner of rice balls and other confections, but that it has fruit and vegetables as well. there was a single carrot, wrapped in plastic, for about 2 dollars, but i passed. maybe next time, little carrot.
as a registered alien, i am free to do some driving, so i dont need to get picked up to go to work anymore. this is wonderful. this means after work i can drive down the road past my junior high base school, and towards the two supermarkets
now i need to continue my jurney, car insurance and cell phone

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