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Monday, April 5, 2010

sorry the order of events is all messed up but hey what are you gonna do

so blog,
there are more pictures here i wanted to show you.
i guess it should be structured like the last post. let's see how it goes.

so you want a smaller ornamental samurai helmet? its still going to set you back tens of thousands of yen. and these are really dinky compared to the 2 serious ones from before. but hey, it's your traditional samurai helmet display, so do what you're gonna do.

now, here is the actual scene from my door. notice that everyone is wearing the headbands, not just our friend mr. tatsugawa. i hope he wins. he probably will.

and we have here a wider shot of the entire scene. i had a little get together the night before and some friends slept over. people at the political rally were leaning on my friend's car in the morning, and he had to ask them to move, which was great. you see that little white pickup truck? every japanese person has one. i think you get one when you are born or turn 20, or 40, as a rite of passage. i think this photo is from another day. you can see the candidate on the right, with the unfortunate worst contraption ever created, the speaker-car. wow i hate that thing.

okay, back to the end of the school year party. this is where the first dinner/party was. nice long table, almost enough food, beer and sake. sit on the floor. this is past the point in the party when everyone gets up from their randomly assigned seats and starts talking to and pouring drinks for the people they like. you never pour for yourself, its mad rude.
okay, time to go to the second party. take a bus, hope you can find a ride home with someone. want to sing karaoke?

try to sing along. there is some stock footage that always has to do with the song and matches up perfectly.

i do not understand what is being sung here.

do you like his shot of some of the old ladies in the office? the one on the left is done working here. she was nice and little. maybe those flowers are real.

and here is the last one i am going to post today. you can tell who is wasted in this picture. from right to left: principal? wasted. badminton player/math teacher? wasted. school nurse? not wasted. homeroom teacher who left? wasted, i think. she was singing like she was, anyway. you see those big empty bottles. let loose twice a year and make it count.
so i will keep sitting here. that killed about 45 minutes, another hour until i get to go home and sit around more. maybe if it's nice out i will walk to the top of this mountain near my house i found yesterday.

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