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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oh i wanted to make another post

sorry blog,
today, since it is the last day of the semester, there is also a big party for all the office people. it costs 70$, which includes the cash gift that is being given to the 6 teachers who are departing. both english teachers, the vice principal, the scheduler/math teacher, the music teacher, and an assistant english teacher who helps out with the special kids are all leaving. i will try to remember to charge and bring my camera to this event so it may be documented. last time this type of thing happened, i went to the after-party and the after-after-party which was a bit too much. i am getting a ride from the lunch lady so i am free to impress my coworkers and superiors with my ability to drink alcoholic drinks.
it is very rainy and extremely foggy today. it has been the same for the past 2 days and is supposed to be like this tomorrow too. supposedly these wild dust storms from the chinese dessert are blowing over here, which is very scary to me, because it makes me realize how close i am to china. anyway, the democrats passed healthcare reform, and obama signed it into law today, and joe biden said it was a big fucking deal and he was not kidding. this lifted my spirits, especially after 9 months of me reading each and every news headline and development with the process, losing and regaining faith in the political establishment. the bill passed on the day i finished watching the last episode of the sopranos, which, if you've seen it, you know is wonderful and amazing in its own way. so my life changed a little bit, and even more today, when i heard that my teachers are all leaving. it will be exciting for new things to happen for a change. mostly all of this makes me realize how i will be home soon.
well, i need to sit here, doing nothing, trying to entertain myself, for another hour exactly, to fulfill my contractually obligated hours, and keep making that yen.

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