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Sunday, February 14, 2010

so much candy and so many snacks

hi blog
thought i would make a boring post. i went to the city with my friend aaron two days ago. ate sushi, went to a few bars, ran into some other english teachers. wound up sleeping at a girl's friend's house who let us use her place instead of a creepy internet cafe. sleeping overnight in an internet cafe is still an experience i have not had, but i am not sure if it is one that i really want. i am back at work right now on monday, and february is almost over, which means that soon it will get warm again, which makes me happy. i have been playing videogames and watching the sopranos in my free time. i hope i got paid last week, i will probably get a statement sometime soon. after work today i have to go to the bank and do a major food shopping. hopefully i will be able to fit in metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots, and the sopranos, and dinner in before badminton. mgs4 is just like watching the sopranos. you have to devote an hour minimum, and if someone looks at you funny you have to kill them and put their body in a dumpster. work has been pretty boring. i only have to teach a few classes each day, and only at one school do i have to think up my own lesson plans for elementary school students. i need to get more creative with those but it really just seems like a chore of having to be a strange clown for 45 minutes. i am very happy not to be spending another year here like everyone else i know. today it was rainy and now is very cloudy and foggy. i can barely see the mountains across the river. tried a ramen place down the road near the videogame shop the other day, it was quite tasty. my throat has been bothering me in the mornings ever since i had a small cold a week and a half ago. gargling with salt water has only been helping slightly, i feel like it should get better once some warmer, less dry air comes into the area. lunch today looks gross. hope everyone has fun watching the winter olympics.

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