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Friday, December 11, 2009

keeping you updated

hello blog,
the e-prime experiment is over. some people don't like it, and it takes a little too much effort for right now.
today i went christmas caroling with all of the other foreign english teachers in my city area. we went to nine schools and sang about four classic christmas songs at each. i had to wake up really early but it was better than a boring day at work. we went deep into the basically uninhabited foggy river valley, and then back into my part of town. i am so glad that i dont live an hour plus away from a food market. i had a very big, delicious lunch of pork and rice and beef udon, which was only around $8 and so satisfying. it was a good day, mostly because of the social interaction and because we made so many japanese middle school students happy.
tomorrow i am going to clean the entire house, bottom to top, do laundry, take care of some minor errands, and get ready for liz to get here on tuesday. anything i dont finish tomorrow can be finished on sunday. i am waiting to take a ton of wet laundry to the laundromat so i can sit there and finish reading paradise lost while my things dry. i ordered a super mario vidogame for my DS which i hope gets here tomorrow. i know now that i should have used amazon japan which everyone says is much faster, and you can even pay at a convenience store, which sounds too convenient.
so monday is the last day i have to go to work this year. chatting with everyone here just makes me more sure i want to leave in july. i dont know what i want to try to do when i get back to america but living alone is just too lonely! ah i cannot forget to pay my rent this month. i have a few weeks still. i worry too too much about money and it should not be a problem at all. i am just much more thrifty than everyone i know.
happy new year, everyone

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