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Sunday, November 29, 2009

thought i would get a post up here for you

what is up? i am just having a great time, stamping english notebooks, getting cups of coffee served to me. my foot is almost back to 100%, i can just about normally climb and descent a flight of stairs. this is three weeks after i hurt it, which makes me think i must have broke or bruised a foot bone. a bunch of other kids are out with the flu again this week. last week it was second graders but now it is mostly first graders. i have two second grade classes to teach (middle school) and then i go to the elementary school in the mountains where i will have two classes to teach. the sumo tournament on kyushuu ended yesterday, hakuho beat asashoryu and got the emperor's cup, setting a new record of wins in a year with 86, beating asashoryus old record of 84. excited for badminton tonight, going to dress properly and get some smash hits in there. oh, i just got a little meat cracker handed to me?i hope it goes well with black coffee.
ran this through the japanese test kitchen last night. it went ok. i really dont feel like blogging about it though.
more i feel like complaining. next friday i have to go christmas carolling. im expected to know when and where i have to go, but nobody told me (anything) and i havent gotten any emails about it, just word of mouth through robbie another english teacher at karate. things like this make me want to be unemployed for years, or at least get away from the office and classroom environment.
i bought a lot of vegetables and meat this weekend: bacon, ham, burgers with cheese already inside them, chicken, jumbo shrimp for tempura, blocks of beef for curry, green peppers, spinach, asparagus.
i have taken some random pictures here and there, so they will be posted in good time. i need to start carrying my camera with me everywhere i go. only two weeks until liz gets here. i should finish up the japanese test, it is incredibly hard but i only have like 35 questions to go. it is due the tenth.

so i hope that within the next 7 months, the dollar gets even more destroyed then it currently is, taco bell comes out with some new wonderful product, maybe unemployment shrinks to under ten percent, and hopefully the economy grows by an possible amount. and all of my friends get places of their own.
so i am also expected to have a "notice" in japanese, about christmas carolling. i JUST got the fowarded email from my friend adam, who was nice enough to include the "someone forward this to russell bc i dont have his contact information" part of the email. i say to them, it says they are going to come here at 11:30. this is not good enough. of course i am expected to have this because they had it last year, i guess when the told my predecessor things. i still get called his name by just about everyone every day. so i guess i can pay that foward by having whoever comes next year, hopefully a girl, get called by my name.


  1. you should really get out of the dump and make the best of your time. liz isnt there, but she'd want you to have a good time, so sieze the moment, yakno

  2. hahaha what? nice to meet you but what really gives?