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Thursday, November 19, 2009

i have to keep you updated

dear blog,
i feel like i have been slacking. honestly there is not much to say. i live a fairly boring existence here. my life outside of school consists mainly of preparing food and eating, doing laundry, and cleaning my house. i bought a couple prebreaded shrimp to fry up into tempura. a piece of fried chicken i bought at a convenience store after work yesterday basically gave me a heavy allergic reaction; i should have known something was up when pure liquid grease came out after 2 bites.
i just made a reservation online for 5 nights at a nice looking hotel in osaka so i can have somewhere to sleep when i go there with liz in december. i am very existed to do all kinds of walking around and shopping and looking at things and not having to listen to broken english.
a look at the influenza board reveals that 17 students, mostly second graders who were away on a school trip, have the flu. so everyone has to wear flu masks, which is ok because they warm up your face nicely.
monday is the emperor's birthday so i get a day off. i am going to try karate tonight, since it has been a week since my foot damage. i will remember not to do any serious kicks with that foot. it is almost better, and i can tell it should be fine again soon.


  1. Did you recover from the chicken? Stay away from those konbini chickens! they are in those container for ages and very unhealthy.

    Nov 23rd is worker's holiday. Dec 23rd is emperor's BD. Doing anything for Thanksgiving?

    It is so hot here, and they are putting up Christmas trees. So bizzare.


  2. i did recover, thank's to vitamin b complex and zyrtec. i will take this advice, thank you. just had my labor thanksgiving yesterday, got to sleep til noon. it was great. no thanksgiving plans, since there is no turkey here. merry christmas!