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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a few pictures before i go home

i have two pictures for you. the first one if of the giant spider that lives by the takoyaki shop in a big roadsign. it is very big, i am not kidding. if you hold your thumb and index finger apart at their maximum distance i would say that this spider is about that big. you do not want to find this thing in any part of your house. this is a female, because the females are the big ones. they keep triple layer webs, one main layer and two less intricate layers behind and in front.

this next picture is much nicer. it is just of the yoshino river. i took it when i was walking across the bridge to buy some snacks at the convenience store. it was a very nice day.

what else do you want me to take pictures of? i am trying to upload some videos on youtube but it is not working at all right now because i think i have to convert these AVIs to MPEG4s.

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